Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From Ethiopia with Love

Hi All,

I just wanted to post a quick update from Jenny and Aaron Stevens, who just picked up their son and delivered THREE packed suitcases to Peter, the Ethiopian Program Director for Children's HopeChest:

Hello Everyone!
We are doing great here in Addis Ababa! And we got to see Mateos today... and he smiled and giggled. He is doing A MILLION TIMES BETTER!!!!! He is REALLY skinny though. And he's so weak he can barely pick up his head. BUT PRAISE GOD he is okay!!! He is just so precious. We got to hold him a bunch today... but he has to stay in the doctors office for his medicine shots. Please pray that he continues to do so well... and that we can bring him home THIS SATURDAY. There is a chance that the embassy will not "okay" our case... and I will have to stay longer... we are waiting to hear by tomorrow. PLEASE PRAY. I truly believe that is was the power of YOUR PRAYERS that made him well!!! Well.... and because God loves his world!!! We will try to send some pictures of him tomorrow or the next day! He is so much like Tesfahun... and yet so diffferent also... its just going to be the best thing in the world to get them together! Pray also that his lungs and breathing will be strong on the way home!!!! All our love, Jenny and Aaron

I was just about to email you again! Peter just picked up all the stuff.... what a wonderful man! and he just loves you!!!! AND... someone here from our adoption group knew him... so he stayed and talked for a while! He got my email address and I got his and contact info... and he said he will try to take pictures of all the kids and their stuff! Thank you! That worked out great! And it was no trouble getting them over here! Love, Jenny

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